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Speed up onboarding, cut fall-through rates, get better deals for clients

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A client with a Chimni log is ready to sell. All their paperwork is together and ready for the conveyancer, which means no nasty last-minute surprises. Chimni deals don't fall through as often, and buyers have fewer chances to chip away at the price.

Chimni's features for Estate Agents

Chimni helps homeowners and businesses to achieve their goals. Find out how Chimni helps you reach new clients and simplifies your workflow.

Property Information Form

Chimni's PIF has all the details you need to get a client on the market, and it can be uploaded directly into Reapit or similar systems, meaning you don't have to type it in again

Chimni concierge

We can take care of getting your client conveyancer-ready. We will scan and upload their documentation, and conduct searches in advance to speed up the transaction process

Benefit for buyers

The Chimni log passes with ownership of the property, just like the house keys. It's reassuring to buyers that they get everything they need to take over a property, including passwords to alarms, video cameras, smart home systems

Estate Agents' success case with Chimni

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