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Chimni for Conveyancers

A client's Chimni Log can deliver documentation direct into your workflow system, dramatically cutting the time spent finding and chasing paperwork, and boosting conveyancer margins

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With a Chimni log, documentation relating to a client's property is held in a secure online repository, and delivered electronically to partner conveyancers. Less paperwork, less chasing, less faff and definitely no faxes! Message us today and find out how partnering with Chimni can drive higher value, higher margin work to your business

Chimni's features for Conveyancers

Chimni helps homeowners and businesses to achieve their goals. Leverage Chimni for your business to reach new clients and simplify your workflow.

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Reach clients

Clients with Chimni Logs are ready to sell. Partner with Chimni to attract higher margin well-organised briefs

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Faster turnarounds

Create happy clients, with streamlined workflow that delivers fast for your client

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Reduce client questions

The Chimni Seller's Pack means your buyer has already seen some of the detail and can do their own due diligence. Fewer questions for you to handle mid-process

Conveyancers' success case with Chimni

Chimni's real estate partners

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Don't wait, start building your house log with Chimni today!