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Today's buyer doesn't want a lever arch file full of documents, they want a digital record of their new home. With a Chimni property logbook your buyers will be fully equiped to manage their new home in the digital age.

As your buyers move in and enjoy their new home, their Chimni logbook becomes a growing record of the property. Now recognised by conveyancers as a 'digital asset' attached to the home, a Chimni Log grows in value over time. See our dedicated Chimni.Pro website for developers and housebuilders

Chimni's features for Housebuilders

A Handover System

Handover is so much more than just documents.  A Chimni log is a simple way to ensure your buyers have the right documentation, data, links and sources for all the products and systems built into a home

A Legal Record

Recognised by conveyancers as a connected 'digital asset', a Chimni logbook will grow over time as your buyers use it.  The presence of a Chimni logbook will increasely be seen as adding to a property's value.

A Management Tool

So many of the devices and systems built into your homes will require the buyers to manage them. A Chimni logbook provides the dashboard to bring them together in one place.

House builders' success case with Chimni

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Don't wait, start building your house log with Chimni today!