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An online tool to revolutionise how we run our homes in an increasingly complex digital world. 




A Chimni Log is a home management platform that will revolutionise how we run our properties in this increasingly complex digital world. It aggregates all the apps, services and online accounts related to your home (eg utilities, insurance cos) into a single dashboard.  It provides simple communications with data feeds, messaging and alerts from local authorities, residents associations and community groups.

It helps project manage all the major life stages (purchase, DIY, maintenance, sale) with simple management templates; and also stores data, documents, certificates, manuals, warranties etc in a secure but searchable store.    


As homeowners, our relationships with all the organisations around us - from utilities to local authorities & insurance companies - are being ‘digitised’.  All key household processes - from bill paying to buying & selling - are moving online and new systems & services are invented weekly that introduce new tech into our homes.  For homeowners the result is a cacophony of apps, passwords and competiting propositions..  


At the same time, our home information is an increasingly valuable resource. Our homes produce data and insight that could be built into an online log of all activity and costs. This data should be available to help day-to-day management, it should grow in depth and richness over time and it should form part of the information exchange on sale.  However, we currently let other organisations create & control this data and homeowners are the last group to get access to the rich value and insight it can deliver. This situation will be made worse with new 'Smart' and Internet of Things' technology.  Chimni believe that homeowners should own and control of all the information created about their property.

What It Does

The core Chimni web function is supported by a series of smart device apps intended to give you access to your Chimni information when you need it most. These apps deliver:

 'Serious Stuff' - Secure storage for legal / purchase / planning & building control docs

'Organised Stuff' - Templated project plans for all decoration / DIY / extension projects built around an interactive set of floorplans.

'Day To Day Stuff' - an online dashboard giving immediate access to all account info for utilities, insurance companies.

'Helpful Stuff' - online tools such as inventory managers that let you link automatically to your insurers for better cost management.

'Emergency Stuff' - quick access to all household info, instructions, locations and phone numbers needed in emergencies.

'Social Stuff' - links to all the Residents Groups and local, social organisations you are a member of where you live.

'Fun Stuff' - a set of fun activities - from house histories to room personalisation-  designed to drive regular visits and interaction with Chimni.


   As our homes move towards being Smart Hubs in the Internet of Things, a Chimni-log will be a key companion on the journey.  

Chimni starts with a simple filing system but will become the operating system for your home.


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